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  2. Industry news

    Market development trend of medical textile industry in China
    2020-10-19 11:22:19   copyfrom:   

    At present, the world textile industry is rapidly transforming into high value-added textiles, among which medical

    At present, the world textile industry is rapidly transforming into high value-added textiles, among which medical textiles, protective textiles and some high-end special textiles will undoubtedly be the fastest developing high-value-added textiles.
    The expansion of medical nonwovens' share in the traditional textile market is inseparable from three factors: first, with the rapid growth of the global population, people's living standards are constantly improving, the ability of consumers to pay is enhanced, and the attention to disease prevention measures is obviously enhanced; second, since the 1990s, with the acceleration of globalization, the world has ushered in "global aging" In the era, in the consumption of drugs and medical devices, the elderly demand more than other groups; third, the increasing attention to nosocomial infection, especially the huge consumption base in some developed countries and regions, the continuous improvement of medical system and the improvement of their own safety awareness are conducive to the development of disposable medical Nonwovens Market.
    Driven by these factors, high-tech medical nonwovens with more convenient use and better performance will be a trend. For example, medical clothing (operating clothes, protective clothing, disinfection and isolation clothing, hats, shoe covers, etc.), clinical supplies (surgical sheet, hole towel, mask, mask, heart repair material, medical mattress, bed sheet, etc.), wound dressing (various wound care dressings made of non-woven fabric), disinfection and filtering materials (bag cloth, blood medicine filter cloth, etc.) will grow strongly. Among the medical nonwovens, disposable surgical sheet laying, operating clothes and sterilization wrapping materials are the most widely used. According to the statistics of global industry analysts, in 2010, the global disposable medical nonwovens market reached 12 billion US dollars, of which surgical nonwovens (mainly surgical sheets, surgical clothes and sterilization bags) reached 5 billion US dollars, with an annual compound growth rate of 5%.
    In the subdivision of industrial textiles in China, medical textiles have always been the top priority in the development, especially the biological textiles with high technical content. One trend of the development of medical textiles is that the added value will be more and more, which will be realized by technology. As a major component of medical textiles, biomedical textiles will have more and more market. The key to the development of biomedical textiles is technology development. It is urgent for domestic biomedical textiles to advance from R &amp; D to industrialization. In technological innovation, downstream user oriented innovation is particularly important. In this respect, Shandong Huaxing Haici New Material Co., Ltd. can be called a model. In view of the urgent need of antibacterial materials in the market, they have focused their eyes on the marine field. In three years, they have invested 100 million yuan in the independent research and development of hismore (pure chitosan) high-tech healthy antibacterial functional fiber, filling the gap of international antibacterial fabric application materials. Chitosan has biocompatibility, no antigenicity, biodegradability, broad-spectrum antibacterial, antiseptic, hemostatic and promoting wound healing and other special functions. Therefore, chitosan fiber produced by chitosan can be widely used in absorbing surgical suture, artificial skin, hemostatic material, antibacterial fabric, ion exchange fiber, radiation energy defense cloth and so on. And this innovation has become a highlight in this exhibition, which has attracted the attention of many professionals.

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