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  2. Talent concept

    Only talent is useful, only virtue is important;
    They should be virtuous, talented and unconventional;
    Training and appointment with virtue but without talent;
    Talent without morality, limited employment;
    No virtue, no talent, no use.
    Every man is a man of talent.
    The advantages of employing people are the short ones.
    Science and technology are the first productive forces, while talents are the first resources.
    Efficiency depends on quality, quality depends on technology, technology depends on talents, and talents rely on education.
    Market is like water, enterprise is like boat, quality is like rudder, and man is helmsman.
    Ignorance of talents is dereliction of duty, waste of talents is dereliction of duty, and making the best use of talents is a bounden duty.
    Enterprises are people: success lies in people, and failure lies in people.
    Make good use of existing talents, stabilize key talents, attract talents in urgent need and reserve talents in the future.
    On the wise, in the capable, in the down, wise side, mediocre retreat
    Talent is the most profitable commodity, and the enterprise that can manage talents well is the final big winner.
    We should respect people's morality and wisdom, recognize their value and cherish their feelings, safeguard their dignity and improve their quality.
    We should respect the sincerity and sincerity of talents and serve them wholeheartedly; cultivate talents wholeheartedly and use talents with sincerity.
    If a company wants to develop rapidly, it is necessary to employ good talents, especially intelligent talents.
    The selection of personnel should be correct, the use of personnel should be fair, the education should be diligent, and the management should be strict.
    Staff training is a strategic investment with the least risk and the largest profit.
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