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  2. Industry news

    Market development trend of medical textile industry in China
    At present, the world textile industry is rapidly transforming into high value-added textiles, among which medical
    Health preservation in winter
    Health preservation in winter is a term of traditional Chinese medicine Traditional Chinese medicine believes that
    [industry information] from GE's absence from CMEF to see the future of medical devices
    Recently, in the wechat circle of medical equipment industry, an article about GE& 39;s absence from the 74th CME
    Otolaryngology health knowledge: what fruit does sore throat eat?
    01 PearThe folk proverb "a few apricots and three fires will not eat more pears", which shows that eating more
    Prevention of ear nose throat diseases
    1、 Active prevention and treatment of cold, according to seasonal changes in clothing 2、 Strengthen physical exer
    Maintenance of facial function can prolong life
    The sense of five senses has an important influence on people& 39;s psychology It is very important to maintain
    Daily nursing of allergic rhinitis
    Daily nursing of allergic rhinitisUnderstanding the symptoms of allergic rhinitis is helpful for timely treatment
    Prevention and treatment of nasal obstruction in children with allergic rhinitis
    Allergic rhinitis is divided into seasonal and perennial Perennial allergic rhinitis, can occur throughout the yea
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